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Support doesn’t have to be difficult and it shouldn’t waste hours of time on the phone. Keep your Zen and let us take care of it.

Internet Support Zone

We often recommend Asus routers for their speed and included security features. We’ve included some video tutorials here to help you get set up.  For Internet modem issues, it’s usually solved by a quick support call or web meeting to see the modem status. It’s usually something easy.

Video: Asus Router Quick Setup
Modem Issues? Contact Us for Direct Support
Video: Asus AI Mesh Setup
You don't have to climb a mountain for support

Phone Support Zone

Working from home has changed how the office is setup and remote home users have varying home network setups. These PDF documents are to help with those working from home as some take their devices out of the secured office environment into the less secure and less professional home environment. If you need help beyond what is covered here, please contact us.

Work from Home - Eliminate Ghost Calls in Yealink Phones
Work from Home - DHCP Reservation
Setup WiFi on Cisco 525G2